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Paint and refinishing processes are the most visible and most noticeable steps of the entire collision repair process. When you are looking for a shop to paint your car, check to see what kind of materials will be used and check to see that proper masking paper will be used. The quality of the paint materials used are as important as the quality of the painter's work. Reilly's quality shop has its own in house mixing system and is equipped with computer systems in which the data base is updated with new factory color code information regularly.

The shop where your vehicle is being repaired should have separate areas for body repairs and painting to prevent dust from entering the paint area as well as reduce paint overspray in the repair area. Reilly 's paint shop is clean and well lighted. All spraying is done inside of the paint booth. The paint booth is the cleanest part of the whole shop. The less dirt there is floating around in that little room, the less dirt you'll find in the surface of your paint job.